The Workshop

We're so excited that you're interested in joining us in Brooklyn! We've been photographers for over ten years and we created Get Your Sh*t Together, a practical workshop with content designed to equip photographers with actionable tools that help you reach your goals. There will be a styled wedding shoot, evening outings, and lots of memories shared by all.

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What We Give You

  • 2 day workshop in Brooklyn

  • Catered Breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee & tea

  • Photograph a real fashion forward couple in NYC

  • Swag Bag

  • Custom Lightroom Preset Development

  • 15 Customizable Email Templates

  • Our Favorite List of Time Saving Apps

  • Personal Portfolio Review

What's On You & What You Bring

  • Lodging

    We can provide AirBnb Recommendations
  • Dinner

    We can provide a list of our favorite spots
  • $$ for evening hangs

    Planned by Us
  • +

  • Your Laptop

  • Hard Drives w/ Completed Weddings

  • Your Pricing Information

  • Any Sh*t you may share with your clients

What's In Store At The Workshop?

This workshop will be led by Bethany Jones and Sidney Morgan, who will be covering the following topics and more.

Finding Your Badass Brand Voice
Defining Success For You
Cultivating Unshakeable Confidence In Your Clients
Getting Absolutely Clear On The Legal Sh*t
Learning & Improving Through A Portfolio Critique
Minding Your Dollars and Sense
And More